Dresses and the way to wear them

Dresses and the way to wear them

Dress types that make one feel Statuses, Beautiful and Weirdly comfortable

Cocktail Dresses:

The little black dress, better known as LBD, is always an elegant wardrobe addition, to women over forty. LBD can be dressed up or down. When selecting any formal dress, a well-cut, classically elegant dress is well worth its purchase. As women our shapes vary a sheath dress is flattering to every body type. Should your shape be curvy, square, or if you have developed a belly, the sheath dress is for you.

Party Dresses:

As women forty and over we are at the peak of our beauty! We are confident and secure, and when attending any party our confidence should be reflected in our style of dress. Party dresses for women forty plus should be vibrant with color. Color blocking, well-fitted dresses are a WIN!! Find flattering colors and ROCK that party!!

Plus Size Dresses:

Women often struggle with feeling comfortable in dresses. The key to good fashion is to know your body type. When selecting a dress, determine what body part you want to accentuate and what body part you want to de-emphasize and select accordingly. Selecting the best dress is all about loving and embracing your curves.

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